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Wrexham Swimming Club 2013

Wrexham Swimming Club Committee Members
Chairperson: Marian Williams 
Vice Chairperson:  Lionel Whitley
Secretary: Julie Evans
Treasurer:  Paul Smith
Child Welfare Officers: Pauline Goring / Lionel Whitley
Health and Safety Advisor: Ian Davies
Minutes Secretary: Gisele Slater
Assistant Treasurer:  Sharon Smith 
Fund-raising/Sponsorship Secretary: Gisele Slater
Equipment Coordinator: Julie Wright Jones
Press Coordinator: Sue Wyn Jones
Trophy Secretary: Andy Price
Gala Secretary: Bob Rogers
Volunteer Coordinator: Diana Bird
Social Secretary: June Griffiths
Elected Committee Members
  Rebecca Czerniak
  Rhys Price
  Tony Cliff
  Mark Rosson
  Trevor Taylor
  Nick Tynan
  Stuart Williams

Other Club Positions
President: Pauline Goring
Vice President: Lionel Whitley
Head Coach: Craig Prime
Administration Manager: Bob Rogers
Team Managers: Pauline Goring / Lynn Price



Lionel Whitley


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