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Swimmers Storm to Best Sub Regionals Yet

This years North Wales Sub-Regionals took place from 24th - 26th November in Llandudno and saw 82 of our swimmers compete over a long weekend, many in new events for the first time and/or event which they haven't race for a long time. This didnt put anyone off as each and every swimmer stepped up to the plate and delievered an awesome performance all round.

The attitude, team spirit and commitment to racing was outstanding from everyone and a massive step forward for our club as we approach the Arena FInal and move towards North Wales Champs and National Champs. 

Our swimmers achieved an impressive 59 x Gold Medals, 51 x Silver Medals, 39 x Bronze Medals and 374 x PBs . . . WOW !!!



  • Neal Allen (100m BC)
  • Ollie Bowyer-Jones (200m BRS)
  • Ruby Clayton (100m / 200m BC)
  • Will Clayton (100m/400m/1500m FC, 100m/200m FLY, 200m / 400m IM)
  • Nia Gregson (200m / 400m IM, 200m FC, 200m BC)
  • Ffion Halliwell (50m FC, 200m FLY)
  • Sam Jackson (200m BC, 200m FC)
  • Seren Jones (200m / 400m / 800m FC, 400m IM)
  • Josh Lunt (200m FLY, 400m IM)
  • Caoimhe Majod-Bryne (100m BC)
  • Chloe Morris (200m BRS, 200m FLY, 200m BC)
  • Freya Pierce (100m BC)
  • Evan Price (400m FC)
  • Olivia Price (400m IM, 400m FC, 200m BC)
  • Andy Reay (1500m FC)
  • Nansi Roberts (100m BRS)
  • Keely Smith (50m / 100m / 200m FC)
  • Sadie Spencer (200m FLY)
  • Kaelin Stewart (100m / 200m BRS)
  • Adam Taylor (50m / 400m FC, 200m FLY, 200m / 400m IM)
  • Ethan Taylor (200m BRS)
  • Morgan Taylor (1500m FC, 200m FLY)
  • Jac Tennant (100m BC)
  • Fin Thomson (200m / 400m 1500m FC, 100m FLY, 200m IM)



  • Ethan Benton (1500m FC)
  • Ollie Bowyer-Jones (200m / 400m FC, 200m BC)
  • Ffion Carter-Jones (200m FC)
  • Will Clayton (50m FC)
  • Nia Gregson (400m / 800m FC)
  • Hannah Grimshaw (200m FLY)
  • Ffion Halliwell (200m BRS, 200m BC)
  • Dewi Hardy (400m FC)
  • Tyler Hughes (1500m FC)
  • Sam Jackson (400m FC, 400m IM)
  • Josh Lunt (200m / 400m / 1500m FC, 200m BC, 200m BRS, 200m IM)
  • Caoimhe Majid-Bryne (200m FLY)
  •  Connor Morris (100m FLY)
  • Megan Owen (400m FC)
  • Sophie Pemberton (100m FC, 100m FLY)
  • Freya Pierce (200m IM)
  • Elexi Povey-Abbott (200m FC, 100m FLY, 100m BRS)
  • Leila Prendergast (400m IM)
  • Evan Price (100m FC, 100m / 200m BRS)
  • Evie Price (200m / 400m IM, 200m BRS, 200m BC)
  • Olivia Price (200m BRS)
  • Keely Smith (200m BRS)
  • Sadie Spencer (200m BC)
  • Adam Taylor (200m FC)
  • Ethan Taylor (100m FLY)
  • Morgan Taylor (200m BRS)
  • Lucy Thomson (200m BC, 400m FC)
  • Charlotte Thorpe (200m / 400m IM)
  • Gethin Williams (100m / 200m BRS)
  • Iwan WIlliams (400m IM)



  • Ethan Berry (200m / 400m / 1500m FC)
  • Ffion Carter-Jones (100m FC, 100m BC, 200m IM)
  • MIa Coates (100m FC)
  • Clara Cummins (100m BRS)
  • Demi Evans (100m FC)
  • Keane Gerasmo (50m FC)
  • Ffion Halliwell (400m IM)
  • Matty Hapanow (200m FLY)
  • Megan Hardy (100m BRS)
  • Sam Jackson (100m BC, 100m FC)
  • Ruby Jones (100m BC, 100m FLY)
  • Caoimhe Majid-Bryne (100m BC)
  • Elexi Povey-Abbott (200m BRS, 50m FC, 200m IM)
  • Leila Prendergast (100m BRS)
  • Xander Roberts (200m BRS)
  • Nansi Roberts (100m BC, 400m FC)
  • Rafael Santana (400m IM)
  • Sam Sidney (400m / 1500m FC, 100m BC)
  • Adam Taylor (100m / 200m BRS)
  • Jac Tennent (200m BC)
  • Lucy Thomson (100m FC)
  • Ellen Wilks (200m / 400m FC)
  • Gethin Williams (100m BC, 100m / 200m FC, 200m IM)

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