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Sub Regional Entry Advice For Swimmers & Parents



The Swim Wales North Sub-Regional Championships is a major target Meet for Wrexham SC as it offers our swimmers excellent opportunities, including:

  • The opportunity to compete in events for the first time as there are no Qualifying Times
  • The opportunity to Qualify for the North Wales Swimming Championships in February
  • The opportunity to put all our early season efforts in training to the test


Below is some advice and guidance for parents and swimmers on which events should be targeted in order to maximise each swimmers development and opportunities moving forward.



  • Focus on gaining racing experience in all 100m Events and 1 or 2 longer events over 200m
  • All swimmers will have the training background to cope with 100m/200m Events
  • If you are unsure speak to Julie or Nick



  • Focus on building Race Experience and Confidence in 200m Event – aim for 200m FC, 200m IM plus 1 other 200m Event
  • Enter the 100m Events to improve on your PBs ready for North Wales Champs in February
  • Any questions or further guidance speak to Julie or Craig



  • Focus on gaining Race Experience in 200m and 400m Events ready for North Wales. I would like everyone to enter the 400m FC or the 400m IM at this Meet.
  • Also consider the 800m (Girls) and 1500m (Boys) as an opportunity to get a time (this will be the only chance to race this event until November 2018).
  • Any new events swimmers enter will be practised in training leading up to the event
  • Any questions please contact Craig



  • Use this Meet to Improve PBs over 200m, 400m, 800/1500m, the 50m/100m events would have been raced at ECL and Geoff Drew – plus Arena League Galas.
  • I would like swimmers to consider racing a ‘NEW’ event at this meet for the experience – 200m BRS, 200m Fly, 400m FC, 400m IM, 800/1500m FC.
  • Some swimmers will be too fast for some events so use this meet to focus on your other events and develop your racing skills ready for North Wales Champs.
  • Any Questions please speak to Craig


Wrexham Swimming Club have won the Top Team Award for the past 3 years and I look forward to you all taking part, gaining excellent race experience and contributing to our title defence.


WSC, Coaching Team

Kind Regards,

Craig Prime BSc (1st Class Hons)
Head Coach, Wrexham SC
UKCC Level 3 Senior Swimming Coach

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