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North Wales Weekend 2 - Useful Information



A fantastic first weekend for our club. The results were excellent and the team spirit and focus on poolside was very professional which all contributed to the results. On a personal note to see the progression of so many swimmers across so many age groups and events was a massive highlight - the depth we showed in all age groups and finals is a credit to us all.


Please find below some useful information about the upcoming weekend North Wales Championships in Llandudno



Friday 9th Feb (Girls 800m)                          Poolside: 4.45pm              Warm-Up: 5pm

Saturday 10th Feb (Events 35-39)               Poolside: 9.00am              Warm-Up: 9.15am     (LAST WARM-UP - Swimmers in Event 35 warm-up in racing suit)
Saturday 10th Feb (Events 40-45)               Poolside: 11.00am            Warm-Up: 11.20am

Saturday 10th Feb (Events 46-50)               Poolside: 4.00pm              Warm-Up: 4.15pm     (LAST WARM-UP - Swimmers in Event 46 warm-up in racing suit)

Sunday 11th Feb (Events 51-56)                  Poolside: 9.00am              Warm-Up: 9.15am    (LAST WARM-UP - Swimmers in Event 51 warm-up in racing suit)
Sunday 11th Feb (Events 57-62)                  Poolside: 12.30pm           Warm-Up: 12.45pm
Sunday 11th Feb (Relays Only)                    Poolside: 3.15pm              Warm-Up: 3.30pm

*Please see attached spreadsheet for confirmed entries to ensure you arrive for the correct sessions on time



Craig Prime, Julie Evans, Nick Tynan, Sian Clayton, Jane Bowyer-Jones, Martin Hughes



·         Locker are 20p and are non-refundable so please use them wisely

·         Swimmers are not to touch or move the starting wedges on the blocks until the heat before them has finished

·         No mobile phone use in the changing village under any circumstances

·         Ensure you let a member of the poolside staff know if you are leaving poolside and make sure you check if you are in finals.

·         All swimmers are expected to behave responsibly and appropriately at all times whilst representing Wrexham SC




All swimmers are strongly encouraged to pack their bags for the night before to keep stress to a minimum the next morning. Ensure you have the following:

·         Wrexham SC T-Shirt / Hoody for poolside

·         Trousers / Shorts and Trainers / Flip-Flops for poolside

·         Goggles, Hats, Racing Costume and Towels (Plus spares)

·         Full Drinks Bottles (2 for each session) – Water / Squash / Diluted Sports Drinks or Tablets


·         Poolside Snacks for after warm-ups and races

o   Flapjacks, Fruit, Nuts, Cereal Bars, Fruit Bars, Fruit Loaf etc

·         Packed Lunch for the breaks between sessions (Plus drinks)

o   Sandwiches, Rolls, Wraps, Pasta


RELAYS (Sunday 11th February - Session 14)

All swimmers to ensure you arrive in good time for team briefing and warm-up. Tattoos, Flags and Face Paint is strongly encouraged during this session to show your team spirit (any swimmers not in the relays are more than welcome to stay and support).

Relay teams will be published before warm-up of session 14.


If you have any questions please let know ahead of the weekend so they can be addressed and dealt with if needed.





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